What if there was a super easy way to sell your Model Railroad goods online and reach a very large audience of buyers?  Like a virtual swap meet!

What can you sell in the Model Railroad MarketPlace:

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Why Sell on Model Trunk?

Become part of our Model Railroad MarketPlace

  • Model Trunk is a growing community with the buyers you want looking at your products.
  • Grow your brand with a wealth of new customers and promotional tools.
  • Engage with knowledgeable sellers and experts to help spread the good word about you!

More Money in Your Pocket

  • There are no membership fees with Model Trunk.
  • It costs $1.00 to list an item – For until it sells.   Currently it’s free!
  • Once you sell your item (congrats!), we collect a 3.5% fee on the sale price.

Express Your Passion for the Hobby!

  • Share the story of your product with people who care!
  • Escape the typical grind and focus on your passion.
  • Converse with shoppers, makers, and curators about what you love.